Greetings all. My name is Gos10. I am a creator of many things. I have been in several bands over the years including Still Life Homicide, Paragraph 8, Boulder, R.S.A. and have played with several other bands and have done some studio work. I’ve been producing music for over 20 years and playing drums for over 23 years. My Solo Project is just that. For Fun and Entertainment. I simply enjoy creating.

I enjoy experimenting with different musical styles and formats to produce enjoyable and well-crafted material with what I have to work with at the time.

I’m influenced by inspiring events and the music is my release. I hope you enjoy my selection of entertainment and musical therapy.

Beats by Maal 5 on Dark Angel, Digital Human, Honesty in Lies and Trash Day from Digital Human EP and Guess What Bitch Remix from the album, Genre.